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​Result Nutrition® went live in May of 2019, and we are growing at a healthy and steady pace, due mainly to providing supplements that not only work but that are also affordable.

Having been involved in health, fitness, and nutrition for more than 30 years, I noticed the market was flooded with inferior untested products from all over the world, and it simply wasn't right. After all, supplements are to be consumed, taken internally, and we shouldn't have to take chances with the quality of supplements and the effects on our health.

During 2017 and 2018 I wanted to help my local children’s charity, and as a complete cycling novice, I rode a bicycle between Cheshire and Southern Thailand. 12 Countries, solo, self-financing, and unsupported. I paid for everything myself and had no sponsorship, and all the money raised went directly to help the children. It was an adventure of a lifetime and a great help to JUMP Children’s Charity.

While on that 16-month adventure, nutrition was so important in order to be able to cycle long distances each and every day. Many times I struggled to get the nutrition I needed from foods I could purchase on the route, and so I looked for health and sports nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals, clean protein, and a variety of supplements that I couldn't find in a bowl of noodles or roadside snack. 

In the 90's I had thought about setting up my own supplement company. That business was put on hold due to other work commitments, and it just wasn't the right time. I had never given up on the idea, so while on my charity bicycle ride, I decided that on my return home to Liverpool I would create a UK supplement company that would be provided only fully certified products and at fair and affordable prices.

I had no interest in purchasing products in bulk from other countries outside of the UK. I searched intensely for the right manufacturers and ingredient providers that could assist in the production of the products we have on sale today in 2019.


A lot of hard work has gone into creating Result Nutrition®, and we trust you will find shopping with us easy and straight forward through our uncluttered and simple to navigate the website, but most of all, we wish you a long and healthy future.

If you require any assistance, there are lots of contact options on our contacts page and we will do our best to help.

Stephen Peel


Result Nutrition®

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